List of Jobs that Only Require 2 Year Degrees

List of Jobs that Only Require 2 Year Degrees

These days everyone seems to have little time for everything else. People are looking for ways to have great careers without spending much time in classrooms. Well, good news; this article is loaded with careers you can qualify for with only 2 year degrees.

Careers in Accounting are usually 2 year degrees. If you also fancy a job as a sales rep, then you should know it can usually take even less than 2 years of study. Being an automotive service technician is another of such jobs. This is a as a result of the fact that what they do is mostly hands-on work, thus, the technicians are usually ready in less than 2 years. This is a well-paying job that can gross 5 figures a year, so if you have a knack for fixing cars or just have a passion for it, this just might be for you. Dental hygienists are also in demand and can earn good 5 solid figures after only 2 years of study as well.

Diagnostics medical sonographers are people who administer imaging. They take pictures of foetuses in the womb of pregnant women. It can also be a fun and lucrative job. Being a Cost Estimator is another of such 2 year career jobs. Cost Estimators provide clients with likely cost of production and / or manufacturing. If you have a caring disposition, you might want to take a look at being a Home Health Aide. Home health aides take care of disabled people, elderly people as well as chronically ill or cognitive impaired people. They sometimes assist in light housekeeping. You can become a home health aide in less than 2 years of study. Radiation specialists only require an associate degree which you can get in 2 years of study as well.

Others are Veterinary Technologist and Technicians, Nuclear Medicine Technologists, Nuclear Technicians, Paralegals, Web Designers, Physical Therapy Assistant, Commercial Pilots, Electrical and Electronics repairers (just needs a postsecondary vocational award), Registered Nurses, Fashion Designers and Aerospace Engineering & Operating Technicians.

Have fun choosing and here’s to your success!