The Benefits of a Liberal Arts Degree

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As any English or History major knows all too well, when you tell people what you are thinking of majoring in the next sentence out of someone’s mouth is, “what are you going to do with that? Teach?”
Despite the fact that Liberal Arts Degrees are increasingly becoming an invaluable commodity in today’s job market, there is still a pervading stereotypical consensus that a degree in a liberal arts field is essentially a waste of time and money. If you’re considering a major in Liberal Arts here are some things to consider:
People who are passionate about the subject they study perform the best. Sure, you can choose to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering, but if you can’t stand the subject, you’re only going to wind up miserable. Are you passionate about literature or a huge history buff? Then, pursue your interest and keep a firm foot on the ground. By thinking of creative ways to fuse your passion and your education together by applying them to jobs that are currently in demand you will be able to have a career that you truly enjoy, in addition to full-time employment. If you are creative, innovative, and passionate you can succeed in any career field with the right training. Liberal arts majors are known for their creativity and ability to find unusual solutions to problems, making them invaluable to employers. Companies are increasingly discerning the importance of employing people who possess all different types of skillsets so that they can have a more rounded company that consistently comes up with original and resourceful ways to execute sales and keep their business up to speed with current trends. Employers are also realizing that they can’t teach an employee how to be a “people” person, but they can teach an employee the technological side of a job. This has been crucial in the hiring of liberal arts majors who generally possess the communication skills that employers are after.
Liberal Arts Degrees differ from linear degrees such as Engineering or Nursing.  A Liberal Arts education is geared toward exploring interdisciplinary areas of study that improve critical thinking and analytical skills. Moreover, Liberal Arts Degrees facilitate the development of research, writing, and communication skills at an unparalleled level in comparison to other majors.
Due to the nature of a Liberal Arts Degree, Liberal Arts graduates are not limited in their ability to enter into a variety of career fields. It is possible to earn a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate Degree in Liberal Arts. There are both online and on-site Liberal Arts Degree programs available, making earning your degree in Liberal Arts easier than ever. Fill out the form on this page so that one of our experienced representatives can help you find a program that suits your needs. Get started on earning your Liberal Arts Degree today!